Next-Gen Lexmark Markvision Enterprise 3.0 Features New User Interface

Lexmark International today introduced the next generation of its  free Markvision Enterprise print-fleet management solution, version 3.0, with the firm stating that this latest version features a new user interface for improved usability and security. Markvision Enterprise 3.0 (MVE 3.0) is also said to provide customers with better visibility into their entire fleet of network printers and copier/MFPs, regardless of manufacturer.

New User Interface

MVE 3.0 features a completely redesigned, modern interface that removes the requirement for browser plugins, enabling faster performance, improved usability, increased security, and reduced set up time.  Lexmark says the user interface “meshes outstanding functionality with a superb visual design to provide a user experience that’s intuitive, consistent and easy to use.”

Other features include:

  • MVE 3.0 discovers devices, collects information from them, and allows customers to organize devices into groups to perform searches, efficiently schedule tasks and keep track of assets through their lifecycle.
  • Discover, configure, and monitor networked printers and MFPs throughout the enterprise, all from a central location.
  • N o client application to install.
  • Use scheduling and configurations to automatically keep devices up to date and devices configured in the way they’ve been defined.
  • Roles-based design: Markvision allows administrators to grant access based on individual users’ responsibilities, and users are presented with only the features and functions they need to accomplish their jobs.
  • MVE 3.0 is a key component of Lexmark’s full-spectrum approach to device security:
    • Customers can automatically discover devices on the network and configure device settings including security policies, such as closing unnecessary ports or applying access controls.
    • MVE 3.0 also helps ensure ongoing security compliance with scheduled checks on devices to verify they meet security policies, and automatic remediation of devices that are out of policy.

MVE 3.0 is free and available immediately.

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