Ninestar to Establish New Lexmark Business Unit in China

On July 11th, China’s Ninestar Corporation – formerly known as Apex Technologies and which last year, along with a consortium of investors, purchased Lexmark International for $3.6 billion – recently published a white paper Ninestar – Innovating for Success – stating that it’ll be establishing a new Lexmark Business Unit at Ninestar’s Zhuhai plant in the People’s Republic of China.  The new business unit sell and market Lexmark’s products in China and other Asian markets. Lexmark International will remain headquartered in the United States and operations will be conducted at its Lexington, Kentucky, campus.

According to Ninestar, after the $3.9 billion Lexmark acquisition, Ninestar’s number of employees grew to nearly 20,000 employees worldwide and its “production capabilities were further enhanced.”

Prior to the Lexmark acquisition, Ninestar owned or leased approximately 5.5 million square feet of administrative, sales, service, R&D, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities worldwide. It operates a manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado, and in Juarez, Mexico, and has sales and support offices across Europe and Asia.

The firm says that having access to Lexmark’s R&D assets puts Ninestar “in a league of its own.” While Ninestar says it’s “always had ample access to R&D capital and has done a great job of growing through innovation,” its Lexmark acquisition promises to “further ramp up innovation at Ninestar.”

The company notes that each year, Lexmark invests hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D, and, since 2013, it’s contributed more than $1 billion into research. It notes that Lexmark has an extensive patent portfolio with more than 1,500 U.S. patents and nearly 400 patents pending application. Lexmark also either holds or has applied for approximately 850 patents outside of the United States.

Last November, former Lexmark CEO David Reeder – who resigned last month – had noted that Ninestar’s acquisition of Lexmark would open up new markets for Lexmark products: “We are now uniquely positioned to grow the company in China and greater Asia, along with continuing to deliver industry-leading products and services to customers in other regions of the world. I’m honored to lead Lexmark into its next phase of opportunities and growth.”

In 2015, Ninestar – then known as Apex Microelectronics – also acquired the U.S.’s Static Control, one of the world’s largest supplier of after-market imaging supplies and components.

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