Epson Completes Inkjet-Printer Factory as it Anticipates Increased Demand

View of the new factory

Seiko Epson of Tokyo, Japan, today announced that its manufacturing subsidiary, Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc,  has completed construction of a new plant aimed at boosting inkjet-printer manufacturing volumes. The company is also seeking to expand 3LCD projector production within its existing facility.

Since the groundbreaking in January 2015, Epson says it’s invested U.S. $143 million to construct state-of-the-art facilities inside the grounds of the existing plant. It says it constructed the new facilities with the environment in mind, and that the roof of the new factory incorporates a “mega solar power generation system” with a maximum capacity of approximately 3,000 kW.

As it proceeds with its mid-range business plan, Epson says it’s “determined that its current inkjet printer and projector manufacturing facilities in China, Indonesia, and the Philippines were insufficient to meet expected demand. For inkjet printers, the company forecasts the need to” significantly boost production capacity” for its high-capacity ink tank models, which are currently experiencing rapid growth in emerging and other markets, and also for office inkjets including high-speed line-head inkjet multifunction printers, which are steadily gaining in popularity in markets worldwide.”

Epson, which says it’s the world’s number-one supplier of projectors for 16 successive years, will use space inside the existing plant to increase projector production capacity. It says its visual communications business continues to grow steadily with growing demand for projectors for business and education, for expanding commercial applications, and to meet expanding demand in emerging economies.

Epson plans to increase the workforce of Epson Precision (Philippines) to approximately 20,000 from the current 14,400 employees in order to respond to the planned increase in production.

Outline of new plant

Investment amount Approx. $US143 million from FY2015 to FY2017
Products manufactured Inkjet printers
Start of operations July 2017
Building area Approx. 53,000 m²
Total Floor area Approx. 108,000 m²
Structure Two-floor steel framed building

Outline of Epson Precision (Philippines)

Company name Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc.
Address Lima Technology Center, Lipa City, Batangas, 4217, Philippines
President Tadaaki Hagata
Established December 27, 1994
No. of employees Approx. 14,400 (as of the end of May 2017)
Land area Approx. 230,000 m²
Total Floor area Approx. 193,000 m² (including the new plant)
Products manufactured Inkjet printers, projectors, smart glasses
Ownership Epson Precision (Philippines) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Epson Corporation

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