Konica Minolta Announces Service Partnership with Knightscope, Maker of Security Robots

Knightscope security robot.

Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center ( BIC) announced today an exclusive multi-year servicing partnership and sizable strategic investment in Knightscope, developer of fully autonomous security robots. Konica Minolta says the servicing agreement and its multi-million dollar strategic investment demonstrates its continued commitment to supporting the robotics ecosystem

Konica Minolta has been a partner and investor in Knightscope since 2014, and that the renewed, exclusive commitment continues this strategic alignment. It says it continues to leverage its existing expertise and assets to expand robotic servicing and support, including on0site installation, maintenance, and break/fix services for the Knightscope machines. The relationship, one of several Konica Minolta robotic partnerships, is said to demonstrate the commitment Konica Minolta has towards “helping scale innovative companies by servicing and support, sales, supplying components, and design consulting.”

Ekta Sahasi, vice president, Business Innovation Center, and managing director, Research and Development, at Konica Minolta commented: “As an early partner of Knightscope, Konica Minolta is thrilled to have supported their tremendous success by providing resources to help them scale across the United States. At the Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center, we look for promising partners like Knightscope with whom we can grow and leverage the full scale of our global expertise.”

Knightscope develops fully autonomous robots that provide a “commanding but friendly physical security presence.” Known as Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), the K3, K5, and future K7 use an array of sensors to gather important real-time, on-site data. The data is then processed with advanced anomaly-detection software to determine and alert authorities if there is concern or threat on premise. Knightscope is deploying its robots with 24 clients in five U.S. states. Clients include major malls, hospitals, corporate campuses, warehouses as well as a pharmaceutical company and a stadium.

Described “as an engine of growth for Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.,” the Business Innovation Center (BIC) is partnered with, investing in, and mentoring a diverse range of start-up businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond to bring emerging and innovative solutions into Konica Minolta’s portfolio. The BIC looks for partners that have a powerful industry-use case, high-growth market, initial traction, and proven team. Driving the disruptive transformations in the robotics industry is a strategic focus area of the BIC in North America.

A video of the Knightscope’s fully autonomous security robot in action is available here.

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