Toshiba America Shipping Eco-Friendly Copier/MFP with Erasable Paper

Toshiba Tec e-STUDIO5008LP

Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) today introduced the world’s first “hybrid copier” capable of producing erasable as well as standard monochrome prints, the e-STUDIO 4508LP ($15,420 MSRP), which is available through authorized Toshiba dealers.

Featuring Toshiba’s proprietary erasable toner, the e-STUDIO 4508LP enables customers to re-use paper by erasing all printed content on the page. Aside from being eco-friendly, TABS says the MFP also provides substantial cost savings.

Content produced using the hybrid copier’s blue toner is erased by simply loading pages into a designated cassette or the bypass tray and pressing the Erase button on the e-STUDIO4508LP’s touchscreen. Content may also be erased using the optional paper reusing device, the e-STUDIORD301, which also scans and files documents and sorts reusable paper.

Toshiba’s hybrid copier’s rules-based printing feature also enables users to select toner setting defaults based on the application. Now printing temporary items, such as emails or documents for proofreading, may be designated in erasable toner (at 35 ppm) in order to conserve paper. While more permanent documents such as receipts, insurance and on-boarding forms, may designated for monochrome output (at 45 ppm). The MFP’s e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report summarizes paper reduction and provides insight into an organization’s environmental impact.

Toshiba says it further underscores its ecological commitment by providing customers free toner recycling via its “Zero Waste to Landfill” program. Beyond accepting its own toner, Toshiba recycles any other  brands of toner.

More on How it Works

Erasable Blue Toner can be selected from either the print driver when printing, or from the touchscreen when making copies. The printer driver allows users to change the default setting for each application with a rules-based printing function. The rule-based printing feature also allows administrators to define multiple rules for automatically selecting the toner mode (blue or black) by application. The e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report generates a summary of paper reduction and average paper-usage to help convey an organization’s environmental contribution at a glance.

To use the Erase function, the user first selects Erase on the touchscreen, then loads the documents to be erased in the MFP’s bypass tray or in a cassette. At the touchscreen, they then indicate where they’ve loaded the paper (the particular paper cassette tray or the bypass feeder), and then press Start. Various paper-sizes can be erased, including letter- and A3-size, and virtually any type of copy paper can be used. Users can erase a maximum of 400 sheets at a time, and paper can generally be erased up to five times.

The optional e–STUDIO306LP/RD30 erasing station works in a similar manner, but also enables users to scan and route documents to a document repository for later viewing before erasing text and images printed on them. It also automatically sorts paper into resusable erased documents, and non-reusable documents – the latter of which may contain black ink marks, for instance, that can’t be erased. It erases paper at up to 30 ppm.

See this Youtube video here for more details on the erasing process.

Specifications and Features

The e-STUIDIO5008LP series consists of three black-and-white models: the e-STUDIO3508LP, 4508LP, and 5008LP. All three MFPs print at up to 35 ppm when printing using the Erasable Blue Toner; however, the 3508LP prints at up to 35 ppm using black toner; the 4508LP prints at up to 45 ppm using black toner; and the 5008LP at up to 50 ppm using black toner.

Other specifications include:

  • Standard print, copy, scan, and fax.
  • Mobile printing via Apple AirPrint, Mopria support for Android, and Toshiba e-Bridge Print & Capture.
  • Security includes self-encrypting hard drive, user authentication, user-access control, user-access logging, and PDF encryption.
  • EPEAT Gold, Energy Star, and Blue Angel certified for eco-friendliness.
  • 320-GB self-encrypting hard drive.
  • 1,200-sheet standard paper capacity expandable to 3,200 sheets.
  • Supports paper in size from A5-R to A3 / ST-R to LD, non-standard size (~297 x 432 mm).
  • Optional document finishing includes multi-position stapler-finisher, saddle-stitch finisher, inner finisher, and job separator.
  • Standard High-Speed USB port, and Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T network interface; optional Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11 b/g/n), and Bluetooth.

For more information and complete specifications, visit Toshiba Tec here. For more information on the optional  e-STUDIO RD301 erasing unit, visit Toshiba Tec here.

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