This Week in Imaging: Color Laser Printer Likely Led to NSA Arrest; Lexmark Goes Big; More

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This week, printer security – as well as the lack of it – was again in the news, with our story, How a Xerox DocuColor Printer Led to an NSA Contractor’s Arrest, showing how tiny innocuous-seeming printed yellow dots led to an alleged NSA leaker’s arrest, and on the other hand, how not securing printers’ behind a network firewall most likely led to some (fortunately harmless) bomb threats.

While we can rest assured that the NSA deploys firewalls and security protocols, especially when it comes to printers, on the other hand, lackadaisical printer-security measures most likely resulted in hackers accessing non-secure printers and issuing ransom demands and bomb threats at several U.S. universities.

According to Zachary N. J. Peterson, an associate professor of computer science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo,those universities probably didn’t deploy their printers outside of their networks’ firewall in order to make it easier for students to print to them from off campus.

Not installing network printers behind a firewall is negligent and dangerous, and making it easier to print is not a suitable excuse. If anything it sounds to us like providers of print-for-pay solutions could use a standardized method for secure remote access to printers that is easy to manage and implement for use with this widespread application.

Popular providers of said solutions such as Nuance, Pharos, PrinterOn and ITC Systems are highly capable and experienced. Nevertheless, it sounds as if these universities have some work ahead of them.

On the plus side, these in-the-news printer hacks should likely continue to put the pressure on IT to treat printers and copier/MFPs with the same security measures that they deploy with PCs.

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