New OKI Pro8432WT Textile-Transfer Printer with White-Toner Printing

OKI Data Americas today expanded its portfolio of textile-transfer printers with the release of the OKI Pro8432WT digital color printer, the latest addition to OKI’s collection of LED-array based printers that use white toner, and are designed for the graphic-arts and textile-printing markets.

OKI says the Pro8432WT, which prints on tabloid-size media, provides the digital heat-transfer solution that textile merchants and garment decorators require for producing more vibrant, color-rich graphics on both light and dark garments, hard goods, and promotional merchandise. The firm says the new printer is compact in size but powerful in production, easy to operate, and eliminates the cumbersome processes typically associated with traditional screen printing.

“Consumers are asking for more custom and personalized solutions that deliver high production value and can be turned around quickly,” commented Fabrizio Soto, general manager of OKI Data Americas’ Industrial Business Unit. “The Pro8432WT is well positioned to not only provide these unique assets to customers, but also an efficient return on investment for our partners in textile and retail.”

The Pro8432WT, which is now available in the United States and Canada and starts at $6,895, relies on OKI’s patented LED print heads to print on output up to 11” x 17” in size. With its white toner and single-pass print technology, the Pro8432WT is said to save time versus other digital-transfer printers without sacrificing the color palette afforded by spot-color screen printing. The printer is capable of producing eight full-color 8.5” x 11” transfers per minute (six per minute on 11” x 17”).

“The Pro8432WT is the most recent example of OKI’s continuous quest to design, develop and manufacture leading technology for the color printing industry,” Soto said. “We strive to empower our customers with the industry’s most cutting-edge color solutions.”

Most of OKI’s color printing solutions feature Single Pass Color printing, as well as proprietary digital LED and HD Color technologies, which enables OKI to manufacture products that require fewer moving parts than the traditional laser printer, resulting in more uptime and better reliability.

The Pro8432WT also features a two-year on-site limited warranty, and a five-year warranty for its LED  print heads.

For more information and complete specifications, visit OKI here.

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