Samsung Launches New Remote-Troubleshooting, Security Apps

Samsung Printing Solutions – which will become a part of HP Inc. later this year – today expanded its Smart Printing App Center collection of apps with two new apps, RemoteView and SmartSecurity Manager. Samsung says the new apps will help improve the Samsung SmartUX printer and copier/MFP trouble-shooting process, as well as bolster their security.

Maximizing Uptime with RemoteView

The new RemoteView app is a cloud-based application for IT administrators and customer-service providers that enables service engineers to provide Samsung SmartUX printer and MFP caretaking remotely, without having to set foot in offices where printers and MFPs are installed.

RemoteView connects and controls Samsung SmartUX printers and MFPs remotely from a PC or any Web-based platform. From their Web-based device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), IT administrators and service providers can provide live troubleshooting assistance to these Smart UX printers and MFPs, diagnosing and fixing problems in real-time.

Samsung says it created the RemoteView app (a for-purchase app) from its RemoteCall app, which also allows Samsung engineers to provide remote access and real-time service support.

However, it says that there are two major differences between RemoteCall and RemoteView. First, RemoteCall operates only on PCs, but, in contrast, it developed RemoteView for use with all Web-based platforms, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This it says enabled it to add new advanced features, including live-view functionality for multiple devices and group configuration,  options that it says make Samsung printer/MFP fleet management easier for both IT administrators and customer-support center staff.

Second, RemoteView doesn’t require service engineers to type in one-time passwords (OTPs) each time a user contacts them for support. Instead, IT administrators can choose to allow engineers access to their MFPs at any time. This is said to provide for improved (and more frequent) maintenance options.

Other features include:

  • Screen-sharing and remote control: IT administrators can remotely connect with SmartUX printers and MFPs and view and control them in real-time.
  • Retrieve SmartUX MFP’s information (PC to SmartUX MFP).
  • View the SmartUX MFPs system information, current processes list, and installed apps.
  • Send a URL from the PC and record the entire session, including drawings.

For a detailed guide on how to use RemoteView, visit Samsung’s RemoteView Smart Tips video at SamsungPrinting Youtube Channel.

To download the app, visit the Samsung Printing App Center. The RemoteView for PCs version can also be downloaded from, and mobile apps can be found in mobile OS app stores.

Smarter Security

Samsung notes that now more than ever, security has become a key concern among enterprises, but in the past, optimizing security settings was typically a long and laborious process. IT administrators typically had to scroll through a whole range of menus individually, looking for security-setting options.

It says its new Smart Security Manager app addresses this concern. Now, with one-click settings, IT administrators can instead set up a secure IT environment and customize security profiles “in an instant.”

The app is also said to make it easy to check printers’ and MFPs’ security status. Instead of scrolling through numerous menus to reach security settings, a straightforward, uncluttered interface lets administrators make the key changes they need . Administrators can also check their devices’ security status quickly via a security indicator.

Other key features include:

  • Quickly check devices’ security status via a security indicator.
  • Manage custom security profiles: create, edit, and remove custom security profiles; import/export security profiles; and reset security profiles to default status.

Supported languages consist of English and Korean

Smart Security Manager is a free app and can be downloaded here at the Printing App Center.

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