Xerox to Lay-Off Employees in Webster, NY

The Democrat & Chronicle reports that Xerox has told some 177 workers in its Webster, New York, facility that additional lay-offs are scheduled.

Xerox “is said to have informed some salaried employees and members of the Industrial Work Force union, represented by Local 14A in Webster, that some supply chain operations and a warehouse facility will be eliminated over the next year.

Job cuts are scheduled to begin in September and be completed by March 2018. Xerox said it is still in the process of filing paperwork with the state regarding the moves.”

“No closings or job losses are occurring today,” Xerox spokesman Bill McKee said in an email message. “As part of Xerox’s strategic transformation, we continue to review our operations to improve efficiency and flexibility. This sometimes results in restructuring activities that affect all parts of the company, including warehouse operations in Webster.”

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