Next-Generation Nuance eCopy ShareScan V 6.0 Boasts New Security, Productivity Features

The eCopy ShareScan process.

Nuance Communications today announced a new version of its eCopy ShareScan document-capture solution for copier/MFPs, Verison 6.0. In a Webinair held on May 11th, Nuance’s Jeffrey Segarra explained some of the new features provided by version 6.0.

Among the new features are new mobility capability, as Version 6.0 integrates with Nuance Business Connect (an add-on) for integrating camera photos, email messages, email attachments, esignatures, and eforms.

Overall, the eCopy ShareScan solution is designed for users who need to capture hard-copy documents into workflows where the information is being used for personal productivity and sharing with collaborators. For these users, scan workflows are not core functions of their job. eCopy ShareScan is said to provide “fail-safe features” such as document preview, real-time confirmation, and consistent workflow.

Other new productivity features include:

  • Visual Workflow Editor
  • Personalized Workflow Editor
  • Personalized Workflow
  • Form Overlay Extender
  • User Profile Assistant

New Security Features

New security feature monitor the content of scanned documents, flagging classified content and sending email alerts to designated recipients. For instance, information in a scanned document, such as client numbers, Social Security numbers, and health information can be flagged. To set this up, the administrator specifies what data they wish monitored, such as bank-account numbers.

 Through an integration with Windows Active Directory, users have secure session log-on, providing access to the secure company directory, network folders, and email address books, while ensuring only authorized users have access to the solution.

At this time, eCopy can prevent confidential data being scanned or sent, but Nuance’s Segarra hinted that this might be possible in the future.

New Productivity Features

Other new features include:

  • New Personalized Workflows and other features that allow users to tailor the workflow by defining destinations, naming the file, scanning parameters and more. The RapPID preference features also remember the user’s settings to pre-fill workflows based on recent activity.
  • eCopy ShareScan’s Scriptable Workflow enables the development of custom scripts through Nuance Professional Services for greater workflow versatility and connectivity to virtually any back-end system. The new forms-overlay extender enables document-related data to populate pre-defined templates, improving efficiency and consistency of operations in applications such as client onboarding and insurance-claims management.
  • Easy installation and customized workflow creation: eCopy ShareScan 6.0 is said to reduce the need for IT intervention by making it easy to install, deploy, and customize the solution. System administrators can use a new, intelligent visual workflow editor to create workflows on the administrator console and test them prior to making them available to users. System administrators can also create “scan to” buttons that convert scanned images into multiple file formats including PDF along with index metadata, searchable text, and custom file names, and then distribute them to multiple destinations.
  • ecopy’s OmniPage OCR has also been upgraded to 64-bit for more powerful processing. There’s also a 64-bit hardware scan station if customers don’t wish to use their MFPs’ scanner.
  • The new OCR engine adds Arabic language supports; there’s also support for Simplified Chinese and Japanese on the device user interface.

Nuance eCopy ShareScan will be available to partners in June. Different packages will be available; the base version is called Elements, while the flagship Office version has virtually all features. Existing eCopy customers with maintenance and support contracts can just install 6.0 and it’s automatically recognized and carries over the customer’s settings and existing workflows. For specific pricing and availability, customers should contact their MFP representative.

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