This Week in Imaging: 3D Printing for Office Dealers? Stranger Things in PA (UPDTED); More

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At this point, it appears 3D printing hasn’t had much of an impact in the office-equipment industry, as home and business/office applications have failed to gain hold. Instead, while 3D printers remain popular with schools and hobbyists, major advances in the field have primarily benefited large manufacturing and industrial concerns.

While our most experienced account representatives have been selling to schools for ages – and some office dealers have been selling 3D printers for prototyping – the prospect for 3D printing is one or two comparatively inexpensive 3D printers, and only at some schools. Plus, the sales cycle is lengthy in comparison to that of traditional office and light-production MFPs and printers, and the after-sales supply and service revenue is less lucrative. Moreover, how many dealers are willing to train and staff 3D-printer technical specialists under those circumstances? While a few are doing so – selling 3D printers for prototyping and/or education – all things considered, the more lucrative manufacturing 3D-printer market is an even more difficult initiative. However, you would think that those who know how to sell a $300,000 production printer would be able to sell a $100,000 3D printer, but selling those high-end 3D printers requires a great deal of expertise that most dealers don’t have, and probably don’t want to spend money and time acquiring.

Nevertheless, we found Mimaki’s new UV-curable color 3D printer, the 3DUJ-P, fascinating, including its potential for vast 3D materials-consumption. And what sets this 3D printer apart at this point is that it can print in full color (see the dragon model below), something only some 3D printers can’t, and which adds quite a bit to its value.

The Mimaki 3DUJ-P won’t be available until later this year, but for those considering entering the 3D-printer education and prototyping, market, its spectacular full-color capability may be just the edge needed.

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