Mimaki’s 3D Printer Can Produce Over 10 Million Different Color Combinations

Model produced using Mimaki 3D printer.

Earlier this year in March, Mimaki Engineering of Nagano, Japan, previewed a new 3D printer, which is going under the provisional name of 3DUJ-P,” and is a UV-curable 3D printer that uses inkjet-based 3D printing. Mimaki previewed the 3DUJ-P at the Japan Shot 2017 conference in March.

In 2015, Mimaki announced its entry into the 3D-printer business and began developing full-color 3D printers.

Mimaki says that the 3DUJ-P is unique in that can produce objects incorporating over 10,000,000 different colors. The firm says that the printer can also produce objects with “extremely details and fine line pattern samples.”

The 3DUJ-P is also bundled with a clear material; combining it with color materials enables users to create half-color transparent models.

According to PrintWeek, the 3DUJ-P is said to be commercially available later this year.  Maximum modelling size is 500 x 500 x 300mm. It can achieve 84 percent of the Fogra 39L Colour gamut and prints using water-resistant acrylic resin modeling material, with a strength said to be equivalent to ABS.  According to PrintWeek: “In standard mode, the machine can print five “pieces” in around 10 hours, but it also runs in high-definition and high-speed modes.” Pricing is said to be about €200,000 (£169,000).

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