With ACM Connect, Printers and MFPs Automatically Order Toner

Last week, ACM Technologies announced it’s launched a new toner-fulfillment program in partnership with PrintFleet, called ACM CONNECT.  ACM CONNECT is said to be one of the first automated toner-fulfillment programs in the United States, and allows ACM resellers to set up devices at end-user sites to automatically order toners whenever it is running low.

According to ACM, by enabling printers and MFPs to order their own toner, users no longer have to manage their toner inventory and supplies, and, at the same time, it creates loyalty and “stickiness” between the end-user and reseller. Once a device is set up on the ACM CONNECT program, ACM says a reseller will never have to worry about the end-user shopping around for supplies again.

ACM CONNECT is a Web-based solution that uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to allow a managed device to order its own consumables based on its unique usage metrics. The order is automatically received by ACM, fulfilled and then shipped directly to the end-user. The resellers are notified and invoiced automatically each time an order is placed and shipped, which is said to significantly reduce the administrative burden for the reseller and improves inventory management.

ACM says the best part about ACM CONNECT program is that “it is absolutely free for qualified resellers and end users.” ACM covers the entire cost of the program, and the reseller only has to pay for the cost of the toner that is ordered. The entire program is managed through an online interface.

With ACM Connect, dealers can specify how frequently they’d like to ship supplies to their customers by ship-to location. ACM CONNECT will use the frequency provided and review all of the devices at the location to see which devices will require supplies during the period specified (called forecasting Predictive Replenishment). To start using the program, the only thing required of the reseller is to register for an ACM CONNECT account, create an end-user account, and install a data-collection agent at the end-user site, which will start collecting and monitoring printer usage data.

For more information on ACM Connect, visit ACM here.

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