Samsung Adds New Features to Soon-to-be-Released Printing App Center v. 2

Samsung Printing Solutions will introduce the latest version of its Printing App Center, version 2, on April 18th, and said it’s add new functionality to the app, including online real-time chatting and customized catalogs.

Currently, over 14,000 people use apps from the Printing App Center, and there have been over 210,000 app/widget downloads.

Some of the new updates include:

Samsung also reports that the top five downloads from its Printing App Center are:

  • Smart Update, which automatically searches for the latest firmware and helps users download and install it to the Samsung MFP.
  • Dynamic Workflow, which lets users customize and create various document workflows.
  • MFP Support Remote Call, which enables service personnel to remotely access the Samsung MFP and help solve problems in real-time.
  • Hancom Office 2014, which enables users to access and edit documents on the Samsung MFP’s touchscreen.
  • Copy Customizer, which enables users to configure multiple copy settings, user-authentication settings, and more with widgets.

For more information on Printing App Center, visit Samsung here.

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