Norihiko Ina Promoted to President of Kyocera Document Solutions

Norihiko Ina

Kyocera Document Solutions America reports that Norihiko Ina has been appointed president of parent company Kyocera Document Solutions, joining Takashi Kuki, who is vice chairman at Kyocera Document Solutions’ headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

In his new position as president of Kyocera Document Solutions, Ina will oversee worldwide sales for the document-imaging group, and sit on the board of directors of Kyocera Corporation, the parent company of Kyocera Document Solutions. Ina, along with Kuki, will continue “to drive global growth” for the Kyocera Document Solutions Group. Kyocera Document Solutions consists of five global regional headquarters, and over 85 individual sales companies.

Ina joined Mita Industrial Company, which was later incorporated into the Kyocera Group, in April of 1987, and held several positions within the company’s sales and business-strategy divisions in both Japan and Europe. In September 2011, Ina was named president of Kyocera Document Solutions America, and led the Americas through five years of “record growth.” In April 2016, Ina returned to Kyocera in Japan, where he served as senior general manager of Kyocera Document Solutions’ corporate sales division.

Yukio Ikeda, president and CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions America, commented: .Mr. Ina was recently named president of our parent company, Kyocera Document Solutions. This is great news for us. First, we know Mr. Ina very well through his time in the U.S. as an excellent leader. And also it’s very beneficial for us to have a president of our parent company who understands our market so well,” said  “For me, this is one of many reasons to be excited about the future of our business.”

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