New EFI Fiery Digital Front Ends for Ricoh RICOH Pro C5200s, C5210s Production Printers

Electronics For Imaging (EFI) reports that it’s launched a pair of new digital front ends (DFEs) based on the latest Fiery FS200 Pro platform for Ricoh’s next-generation production printers, the Ricoh Pro C5200s and C5210s, that Ricoh introduced last month.

Both the embedded Fiery E-24B DFE and the external Fiery E-44B DFE are said to process complex and graphic-rich print files with EFI’s proprietary Fiery SmartRIP technology to improve throughput and production. EFI says the Fiery E-44B offers superior performance and faster processing times that make it “the top choice for high-volume print operations that require unmatched output quality and maximum engine utilization.”

John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing at EFI commented: “These new Fiery DFEs allow users to incorporate advanced color and imaging management for ‘no compromise’ results with consistent, high-quality output every time. With Fiery E-44B DFE, users also get the advantage of EFI’s innovative, proprietary Dynamic HD Text and Graphics feature for accurate, high-quality reproduction of ultra-thin lines and fine details in text.”

Both new Fiery DFEs feature various production tools, enabling users to centralize print-job management and streamline production with the Fiery Command WorkStation interface. Server presets are said to be easy to set up and can be shared with the users throughout a print facility.

EFI says the Fiery E-44B DFE also makes it easy for users to integrate print-production workflows with EFI management-information systems, web-to-print software, and pre-press workflows.

The firm says that operators can also streamline print-job layout with an instant visual preview and the make-ready capabilities of the optional Fiery Impose and Fiery JobMaster. Adding the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition also lets users troubleshoot digital jobs before printing them, so that jobs print right the first time

The two new DFEs are available now from Ricoh and authorized Ricoh resellers.

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