Why Cloud-Based Software-as-a-Service Print Management?


Printing with Printix is at least as secure as traditional network printing. All Printix communication inside and outside the network is secured with encryption and the use of HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

In general, clients will manage their own data security, access, backup’s, etc.


Upgrades to services, software, databases and applications are managed by Printix. Software upgrades are free and done in increments so there is never a big impact on performance.

All upgrades and costs associated with labor and hardware is with the client. You may have to budget for any major upgrades.

SaaS Print Management allows you to improve efficiency and substantially reduce print infrastructure and IT administration costs. Plus, you get flexible and secure printing, with best of breed features from software print management like Print Anywhere, Secure Pull Print, and device management.

Printix SaaS Print Management isn’t just a different delivery model but a radical transformation in the way print management software is accessed, licensed, experienced and valued by customers.”

For more information on Printix’s Cloud Print Management solution, visit the company here.

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