Ricoh Takes a Look at Its Advances in High-Speed Inkjet Printing

Last week, we discussed how various traditional copier vendors have been venturing into high-speed inkjet printing for commercial and production printing (This Week in Imaging: Production – and Inkjet Production – for Office-Equipment Dealers), while this week, Ricoh USA reported on its latest advances in this segment.

Ricoh says that it counts among its achievements: :

  • More than 650 inkjet engines installed in 29 countries worldwide, averaging more than 20 engines per country.
  • Named a consistent global leader in high-speed inkjet printing, most recently highlighted in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide High-Speed Inkjet Press 2016 Vendor Assessment. 
  • More than 10 ink types developed and deployed.
  • Five generations of control-unit platform, as Ricoh says it continues to evolve to meet changing market needs.

The firm says it’s “committed itself to driving continuous improvement in the inkjet market,” and that its high-speed inkjet customers report:

  • Tri-Win Direct, a national direct-marketing company in the United States, distributed 200 million direct-mail pieces in 2015. The company uses Ricoh’s Pro VC60000 inkjet system.
  • Pondres, a leader in Dutch data-driven marketing and print, used the Ricoh Pro VC60000 as it pursued a multi-channel approach.
  • Recent German adopter Walter Digital ordered the Ricoh Pro VC60000 to print its mailings, point of sale-material, marketing collateral, and manuals.
  • Urban Fulfillment Services (UFS), the United States’ largest minority-owned business, and provides services to the financial-services industry, has upgraded its print operations by adding multiple Ricoh high-speed inkjet InfoPrint 5000s.

Enhancements to Ricoh’s high-speed inkjet portfolio include:

  • The new Ricoh Pro, announced last month, which is said to feature a powerful combination of fast print speed, high image quality, and ease-of-use. The Pro VC40000 operates at print speeds of up to 120 metres/minute, making it capable of producing more than 100,000 A4 images per hour. Paper support from 40 to 250 gsm and an optional fifth print-head array, as well as MICR and security inks and other options, are available.
  • New features for the Ricoh Pro VC60000, including a new 100 metres/minute print-speed option. Ricoh says that this speed will support enable inline document-finishing technologies that aren’t optimised for the platform’s usual 120-150 metres/minute speed.
  • Over the history of the InfoPrint 5000 program, Ricoh says it’s demonstrated a commitment to customers by offering high-value improvements on a consistent basis. Recent upgrades have included paper-saving mode to nearly eliminate white paper from the start of a print job. Ricoh has also introduced new inks, DFE enhancements, enhanced JDF support, new color-management tools, and other improvements for the InfoPrint 5000.

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