Auto-Maker Daimler to Install Ricoh Rapid-Prototyping 3D Printer


Ricoh AM S5500P 3D Printer

Ricoh Europe reports today that auto-manufacturer Daimler has chosen Ricoh’s first Ricoh-branded 3D printer, the RICOH AM S5500P for producing prototypes. The AMS5500P is an additive-manufacturing (AM) printer – a high-end polymer sintering production 3D printer – that’s designed for rapid prototyping.

Ricoh says its 3D printer offers “unique flexibility” with its ability use a range of innovative SLS materials, including high-quality polypropylene (PP) and PA6GB. These materials are said to be of strategic importance to manufacturers, especially those in the automotive industry. 3D printing PP, and PA6GB will enable Daimler to produce prototype parts on demand, while supporting its ability to develop new applications.

High-end Additive Manufacturing technology: The RICOH AM S5500P
High-end additive manufacturing technology: The RICOH AM S5500P.

Ricoh will also provide training and work together with Daimler engineers.

The RICOH AM S5500P features:

  • Build size of 550 x 550 x 500mm
  • Advanced thermal control, as the printer is able to keep temperature gradients small, which enables the printing of PP and PA6 materials
  • Eight infrared lamps, plus heating of the build chamber from all six sides, keeping the thermal gradients to a minimum
  • Dual-powder distribution
  • High machine reliability, as the printer is said to be engineered for production

Ricoh launched the AM S5500P in October 2015 (see our story here).

Greg Plowman, head of Ricoh Europe’s Additive Manufacturing Business, commented: “AM innovators are rightly demanding the highest quality of PP and PA6GB material printing. The RICOH AM S5500P allows Daimler to extend its impressive range of 3D-printing applications, while ensuring that prototype parts are printed as needed to aid product development. This agreement forms another landmark in the AM industry, demonstrating the ambitions that can be realised through a shared commitment to innovation.”

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