Samsung Envisions Self-Healing Printers and MFPs that Learn from Errors

Seong-wook Han, who heads Samsung Printing Solutions’ ’s Imaging Lab,

Seong-wook Han, who heads Samsung Printing Solutions’ Imaging Lab for developing printers and copiers/MFPs recently discussed what the future may hold for office-imaging technology. According to Han, for Samsung, this might mean printers and MFPs that can “heal themselves,” with devices able to build their own databases, letting them learn from their past print experiences.

Han explained that this kind of machine learning “will play an increasingly important role,” noting: ”Printers will be able to diagnose the condition of the machine utilizing big data on set condition, usage environment, and information from sensors inside the machine. As a result, devices will be able to align the content that users wish to print/copy with the paper being used ,and be able to produce top-quality results without user input. In addition, printers will be able to estimate the machine/machine part’s lifespan based on the usage pattern and alert the users before errors occur, reducing the need for service calls.”

In the future, Han sees that imaging technology will depend less on users, and more on devices themselves. Samsung’s Rendering Engine for Clean Pages (ReCP), which allows printers to enhance the quality of their printing output by analyzing input images and applying required adjustments for better print quality. for example, will not just run on protocols set by developers. Instead, says Han, “Devices will start self-evaluating the quality of their own tasks and looking for ways to improve – like a form of artificial intelligence.”

“Samsung will concentrate on developing technology that will analyze imaging tasks smartly and better present solutions to its users” said Han.

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