Ricoh Expands Color-Inkjet Production-Printer Portfolio with New Pro VC40000

Ricoh USA is unveiling its next-generation continuous-feed inkjet platform for production printing, the RICOH Pro VC40000, which is designed for transactional and direct-mail printing customers. The firm says this newest addition to its inkjet-printing portfolio features the quality and application flexibility of the RICOH Pro VC60000 and the reliability of the Ricoh InfoPrint 5000.

The new RICOH Pro VC40000 is said to feature a combination of fast print speed, high image resolution, and ease of use. It features Ricoh’s TotalFlow Print Server R600A, a digital front end (DFE) that’s been optimized to provide advanced workflow management, and to make the production of complex, data-driven direct-mail and transactional output easier. The RICOH TotalFlow Print Server R600A provides native support for PDF, PDF/VT, and AFP, together with JDF, and advanced color-management support. The controller is said to provide an easy-to-use operator interface and advanced workflow-management capabilities that benefit from Ricoh’s experience in mission-critical variable data processing.

The system features separate black and color print-head arrays, providing for cost-effective printing of color and monochrome applications. An optional fifth print-head array enables the use of additional fluid choices, such as MICR (magentic ink character recognition) or security inks.

Ricoh rates the Pro VC40000 operates at up to 120 meters/minute, making it capable of producing more than 100,000 letter-size images per hour. It supports media in weight from from 40 to 250 gsm, supporting, for instance, printing of lightweight books to high-coverage postcards.

Ricoh also says it’s made “significant enhancements” to its software and services offerings to support the launch of the RICOH Pro VC40000. RICOH ProcessDirector provides transactional and direct-mail printing workflow support designed to maximize equipment throughput, help ensure output integrity, and qualify for maximum postal discounts. Also available is the Ricoh Consulting Group, with Ricoh personnel providing return-on-investment-based assessments focusing on color management, workflow automation, and strategic business -ystems consulting.

The RICOH Pro VC40000 is said to support a variety of configuration options, including compatibility with a number of different workflow-monitoring and management software tools. Ricoh consultants will work with customers to help identify and implement the configuration that best suits their needs, while also continuing to meet service-level agreements (SLAs). Ricoh says it designed this platform with future enhancements and field upgrades in mind to protect customers’ investments in hardware, software, and infrastructure

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