New Epson Print Layout Software for Wide-Format Epson SureColor Printers

On February 7th, Epson America Epson Print Layout software that’s designed to simplify  complex print and color-management workflow for photographers. The software is said to provide an intuitive linear workflow specifically designed to provide easy printer selection, layout, and color-management settings, in addition to providing a live Advanced Black-and-White Mode output preview. Compatible with Epson SureColor P-Series printers, Epson Print Layout is said to be “the ideal solution for enthusiast and professional photographers looking to create the highest quality photos easily.”

“One of the biggest hurdles with printing photos is locating and selecting the correct settings in the operating system, application and driver software,” said Eddie Murphy, marketing specialist for Epson America, Inc. “With Epson Print Layout we wanted to simplify printing by bringing all of the settings into one location, laid out in a step-by-step process. And, listening to requests from photographers, we’ve added the ability to live preview their images when using Advanced Black-and-White Photo Mode.”

Epson Print Layout is available as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in or standalone application for Microsoft Windows- and Apple Mac-based operating systems. This advanced software is said to make printing easier with a step-by-step selection of frequently used printing options, such as printer selection, layout, and color settings. Epson Print Layout also provides full ICC profile-support, or, alternately, users can select automatic color modes through the Epson print driver. Enhanced features include customized frame and border options for gallery-wrap printing, and automatic paper sizing for panoramas.

“Epson Print Layout delivers on the promise of the Advanced Black-and-White Photo Mode,” said Vincent Versace, professional photographer and best-selling author of “From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Known to Man.” “I’m now able to target and control different tonal areas of an image, non-destructively, and extract fine details from my black-and-white prints that I’ve previously been unable to print. I’ve never had that level of control in an application.”

Other Epson Print Layout features include:

  • Simplified Interface – Intuitive linear workflow allows for quick and easy navigation of printer, layout and color settings.
  • Versatility – Epson Print Layout is available as a Photoshop plug-in or as a standalone application.
  • Creative Customized Gallery Wrap Prints – Choose from multiple frame and border options for printing on canvas.
  • Easily Print Panoramas – Epson Print Layout automatically sizes the print based on the selected image and roll width.
  • Designed for Color-Managed Workflows – Offers full ICC profile support; or users can select automatic color modes through the Epson driver
  • Live Preview for Advanced Black-and-White Photo Mode1 – Directly fine-tune and preview black-and-white images within Epson Print Layout to achieve the ideal tonal range

Epson Print Layout software is currently available for free download at and is compatible with Epson SureColor P-Series printers. For more information on all of Epson’s professional printing solutions, visit

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