Ricoh USA and UL to Provide Training in 3D Printing for Manufacturing

Ricoh AM S5500P 3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing.

Ricoh U.S.A. reports that it’s partnering with UL – the well-known global safety-science organization – to provide training in additive manufacturing (AM) – otherwise known as the industrial version of 3D printing – training for UL and Ricoh customers. The partnership’s first goal is to promote the proper usage and advancement of AM technologies via UL AM training that leverages Ricoh’s services and training expertise. The program will initially be held at Ricoh’s U.S.-based dedicated training locations and then will include other regions in the Americas.

In October 2015, Ricoh Company of Japan introduced its first 3D printer, the AM S5500P, which is designed for prototyping and manufacturing. See our story here for more information.

“Ricoh is a key supplier to the AM industry and has a rich history of service and manufacturing innovation. Our team of services and training experts fully understands how to help other manufacturers adopt and integrate new technology, and can help lead advancements in AM innovation, safety, and quality education,” said Glen Mandernacht, senior vice president for Ricoh USA’s Service Advantage group.

UL’s three-tier AM training curriculum, which spans introductory industry topics through more advanced design, technical, and hands-on AM learning, focuses on the continued learning and development of AM technical and business professionals.

As part of the agreement, UL will use its AM “train-the-trainer program” to introduce Ricoh personnel to provide AM training classes to both UL and Ricoh customers. Ricoh will first provide the first two tiers of the curriculum, which includes foundation-level learning, as well as more complex design, material, process, business, and quality and safety courses.

Ricoh and UL plan to launch the training initiative next month at Ricoh’s Lawrenceville, Georgia location. Registration for these courses is currently open. Following the launch, Ricoh will expand the training program to its Irvine, California, location and beyond.

“Ricoh and UL are working to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing through our shared manufacturing and innovation services. By leveraging Ricoh’s extensive expertise in services and training, along with its significant infrastructure of manufacturing centers, we can drive AM knowledge into the manufacturing sector faster and more consistently,” said Simin Zhou, UL Vice President of UL Digital Manufacturing.

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