New Square 9 ECM Software Now Available for Canon Document Scanners

Square 9 Softworks, which develops Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, today launched the Convey Canon DR-M16011 Bundle. This new solution combines Square 9’s Web-based document-capture automation solution, GlobalCapture Convey, with Canon document imaging technology.

Square 9 says that it’s worked with Canon U.S.A. to develop a universal solution for managing information being captured through a broad spectrum of input devices. This includes Canon’s full line of production document scanners, networked document scanners, and documents distributed through email exchange. The firm says that this universal approach to image scanning will help meet the demand of customers to capture and transform documents in any office environment, regardless of whether centralized or distributed capture is required.

Square 9 CEO Stephen Young commented: “We feel strongly that this universal approach to image capture is what the market needs right now, given the tremendous diversity in how people work. Canon is approaching the management of captured information from the perspective of SOHO, SMB, and enterprise users alike.”

GlobalCapture Convey has been bundled as a promotional offering with the new Canon DR-M160II document scanner that scan at up 60 ppm. This bundle is said to provide a “compact, high-performance solution, that is easy to use in any office environment looking to maximize office productivity through enhanced document-distribution capabilities.”

“GlobalCapture Convey will help Canon to enhance our solutions offering even further with a platform that transforms and distributes the information being captured by our imaging products,” said Toyotsugu Kuwamura, executive vice president and general manager, for Canon U.S.A.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group. “It’s an exciting relationship between Canon and Square 9 that will benefit both our customer and our reseller communities.”

The new Convey Canon DR-M160II bundle will be available to resellers through a series of educational events that will be held throughout the United States beginning this month.

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