HP Inc. Issues Statement on U.S. Immigration Ban

On January 29th, HP Inc. released a statement on U.S. President Trump’s executive order suspending refugee resettlement and entry of people from several countries into the United States. In response, HP Inc. issued the following statement:

“At HP, regardless of economic and political circumstances, part of our core values is to support our employees and their families. We are concerned with the recent developments and do not support measures that discriminate against any group. Our first priority is to identify the affected people we have around the globe and determine how best to support them.  We are dedicated to diversity and inclusion and have been doing business in 170 countries for over 70 years and look forward to continuing to do so.”

Under the executive order, Trump suspended all refugee resettlement into the United States for four months, and refugee resettlement from Syria indefinitely. He also suspended for three months entry by citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen on immigrant or non-immigrant visas, including those holding dual citizenship with other nations.

Trump has said the suspensions are needed to protect the United States from potential terrorists he believes could enter into the United States, and says his national security team is seeking to strengthen vetting procedures.

HP Inc. is not alone in questioning the ban. According to Business Insider, “much of the tech industry” is openly opposing the order. Business Insider also states that “an even bigger battle with the tech industry is about to begin if Trump issues an executive order that changes how they can recruit overseas workers.” According to Bloomberg News, Trump’s administration has also drafted an executive order “that attempts to alter the work-visa programs used by many tech companies, telling them that if they recruit foreign workers, priority will be assigned to those workers who will be the mostly highly paid.”

Under such an order, Businesses would have to try to hire Americans first, and, if they recruit foreign workers, priority would then be given to the most highly paid. The draft order covers all of the visas that temporarily bring overseas workers to the United States, including H-1B, L-1, E-2 and B1. For more information, visit Business Insider here.

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