Groundbreaking OKI Pro6410 Printer that Prints in Neon Colors Now Available in North America

OKI Data Americas says it’s “taking color printing to the next level” for creative businesses and print houses with the launch of its new Pro6410 NeonColor printer ($2,695 MSRP) and the introduction of white toner printing technology to its portfolio of graphic-arts printers. OKI’s new Pro6410 NeonColor, which is now available in the United States and Canada, enables the printing of super-bright fluorescent designs on transfer media for use with garment, product-decoration, and package printing.

Textile decorators and graphic-arts departments can employ the Pro6410 NeonColor’s unique features to create fluorescent effects on either light or dark backgrounds, with the added option of using OKI’s NeonWhite toner, which is used for printing on dark backgrounds; an optional black toner unit can be swapped out with the unit. OKI’s NeonWhite toner can also be printed as a UV watermark only visible under black light.

OKI says the Pro6410 NeonColor and its vibrant color-printing spectrum means businesses “now have fast access to new revenue-streams in garment, product decoration, and packaging.”

Joining the Pro6410 and representing the company’s white-toner printing are OKI’s C711WT, Pro920WT, C941e, and C942 printers. The firm says that these solutions are ideal for a wide range of creative businesses, particularly those with a volume print requirement, including print houses, advertising, design, and other creative agencies.

The new Pro6410 NeonColor printer features:

  • ProQ multi-level output quality, with 1,200 x  600 dpi resolution, 600 x 600 dpi resolution print quality.
  • Prints on media up to legal size, as well as on banners up to 52″ long, and supports paper weights up to 250gsm.
  • Prints transfers for fluorescent neon designs on ceramic, plastic, and metal, control panels and gauges, window stickers, number plates, and car-dealer stickers.
  • Said to feature low set-up costs compared with direct-to-garment or conventional screen printing.
  • All-in-one toner/image drums for simplified consumable replacements, reducing the number of consumables for stocking.
  • Rated at up to 34 ppm printing in letter-size mode.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS (see specifications here).
  • 400-sheet paper capacity (300-sheet tray, plus 100-sheet multipurpose tray).
  • Neon White toner/imaging unit is rated to yield up to 4,000 pages, each Neon Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow unit is rated to yield up to 6,000 pages, as is the optional black toner unit.
  • Two-year warranty for printer, and five-year warranty for LED print head.

The Pro6410 NeonColor printer ships with NeonCyan, NeonMagenta, NeonYellow, and NeonWhite toner/imaging units. An optional black toner/image cartridge is sold separately, and can be used to replace the NeonWhite toner/imaging unit.

The new Pro6410 NeonColor printer uses OKI’s Single Pass Color printing technology as well as OKI’s proprietary digital toner-based LED (light emitting diode) printing and HD Color printing technologies, which OKI says incorporate fewer moving parts than the traditional laser-based printers, thus providing better reliability.

The Pro6410 NeonColor printer may be purchased from the following OKI partners:

For more information and complete specifications, visit OKI Data Americas here.

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