Samsung Enabling Mobile Printing for Android Users with New Mopria Certification

In its quest to bring mobile printing to the masses, Samsung Printing Solutions reports that it’s enabling mobile printing for over 500 million Android smartphone and tablet users with new Mopria Certification, as its Samsung Print Service, an Android mobile-printing tool, has received full Mopria Print Library (MPL) certification. The Samsung Print Service, with the Mopria Print Library, allows Android users the ability to print to any printer brand, something Apple iOS mobile users have enjoyed for over five years.

The Samsung Print Service comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and S7 phones – in total it’s available on the smartphones of over 500 million Android users. All smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or above are also compatible with the tool. New users can check their installation status or download the tool at Google Play.

Samsung states that it’s the “leader in advocating easy, driverless, device-agnostic printing,” and that it’s “provided full support for Android, Apple and Windows devices, as well as cloud printing standards including Google Cloud Print.” With full Mopria certification, it says that this marks the first time a printing industry company has received such an exhaustive breadth of mobile printing certifications.

Samsung is also founding member of the global, non-profit Mopria Alliance, whose members represent over 98 percent of the worldwide printer business.

David SW Song, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing for Samsung Printing Solutions (now called S-Printing Solution), commented: “With the Samsung Print Service tool’s wide reach, more than half a billion users can now enjoy mobile printing, regardless of their printer brand, without having to install additional software or taking any additional steps to set up a printer connection. We are proud to bring this productivity-enhancing feature to so many users. It will make their work and lives a lot easier.”

The Samsung Print Service (SPS), with the Mopria Print Library (MPL), was first announced in November 2016. Two months later, SPS received Mopria MPL certification, “as well as improved print quality and stability.” Samsung say it’s committed to accelerating “the pace of innovation for the Samsung Print Service tool, and will look to integrate new (Mopria) MPL features.”

The firm says it aims to both accelerate mobile printing  and expand industry standards to cover cloud printing, scanning, security, and MDM (mobile device management).

Kasey Kim, vice resident of research and development at Samsung Printing Solutions, also commented: “Samsung aims to promote business mobility by developing hardware solutions for mobile- and cloud-printing technology. Gaining certification from Mopria is further proof of our ongoing commitment and hard work. We support the unifying of standards, and deliver these efficiently on the mobile devices that users rely on every day.”

Samsung Print Service is a system tool or plugin for the Android Print Framework. SPS works in the background, allowing other Android applications to print wirelessly to nearby Samsung printers or to over 88 Million Mopria-certified printers.

The firm says it will look to further enhance usability and accessibility in its next release of the Samsung Pritning Service. Targeted for release in February 2017, its companion tutorial and support app will help new users “understand how easy it is to print from their mobile devices.” It will also provide access to FAQs, along with simplified customer support for users with questions that may arise as Android users begin using SPS to share and print their files, photos and other files.

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