Samsung Trots Out New Image Stamp Pocket Printer at CES


Samsung previewed a new portable photo printer at the Consumer Electronics show held in early January in Las Vegas, called the Image Stamp. The Image Stamp is a portable wireless printer equipped  with Near Field Connectivity (NFC) for printing from NFC-enabled mobile devices, as well as with Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile printing.

To print, users select a photo via the Image Stamp app and place their smartphone on top of the device, which instantly prints via NFC and Wi-Fi. Samsung says he printer’s streamlined controls, “elegant, book-recalling design and pocket-friendly proportions make it a likewise seamless addition to users’ daily routines.”

Unlike other mobile printers, whose 3:2 print ratio generally requires image cropping, Samsung says the Image Stamp’s 16:9 ratio ensures that photos are printed exactly as they’re presented on a user’s screen to a size of 98 x 56mm at 336 dpi resolution.

Users also have the option to print QR codes with their photos that link those who scan them to relevant information, such as when the photo was taken. In addition to photos, Image Stamp may also be used to print customized bookmarks and business cards. Users can also print with sticker paper to create decorative stickers with their photos.

Image Stamp will be available in select markets beginning in early 2017, and in sky-blue and pink variations.


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