Samsung Rolls Out Instant Print Program 2.0 with Online Portal

Samsung Printing Solutions – which will be acquired by HP Inc. later this year – is rolling out its Instant Print Program (IPP) 2.0, a program designed to help customers access Samsung printers without having to purchase the devices. Instead of making expensive capital investments, under the program, Samsung provides companies with Samsung printers to use, as part of a three-year contract that includes supplies and printer warranties.

Now, with the rollout of IPP 2.0, already launched in Singapore and the Philippines, Samsung says it’s taking its resupply system “to the next level.” It says the IPP 2.0 portal can monitor supplies status, and ensure users receive appropriate replacements in a timely manner.

What Is IPP?

The IPP is designed primarily with the needs of small- and mid-size businesses (SMBs) in mind. It’s said to provide offices with “a convenient and affordable method of obtaining printing supplies and printer warranty, along with a free printer on a minimum three-year contract.”


Under the program, customers are provided with guaranteed, original Samsung supplies. Samsung says that this means Samsung products will cost businesses less in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

IPP 2.0 Launch in Singapore and the Philippines

Samsung began rolling out IPP 2.0 in Singapore and the Philippines on December 1, 2016 and on January 1, 2017, respectively. This new version of IPP offers an online management platform called the IPP Portal. With the IPP Portal, Samsung says it’s “now easier than ever for Samsung partners to help their customers to manage their printing resources,” and that an office’s printing supplies automatically get replenished when toners or other consumables run low

IPP Portal Benefits

Samsung says that it’s also worth noting that while other competitors offer toner-subscription programs similar to Samsung’s IPP, Samsung is the only company that provides an online portal solution. Also, as the IPP Portal is hosted online, resellers that replenish supplies and provide maintenance service to customers can monitor and manage their printer fleet.


If a customer uses their reseller’s Samsung Cloud Print activated version of the portal to manage their printer fleet, the portal will send alerts when the remaining toner level is 10 percent or less, allowing the reseller to supply the office with extra toner. The setting can be adjusted for automatic delivery as well, eliminating the need to manage a sizeable toner inventory. The portal is also said to allow resellers to better manage their contracts by providing the contract document and information in a searchable manner, so that customers won’t have to call their resellers when their three-year IPP contract is expiring, as the  reseller will contact the customer if a contract extension is needed.


 For more information on the Instant Print Program, visit Samsung here.

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