Samsung Wins Toner-Cartridge Patent-Infringement Lawsuit in The Netherlands

Samsung Electronics reports that it’s won a patent-infringement lawsuit against two non-Samsung toner-cartridge resellers at the District Court of The Hague in The Netherlands on November 30th.

Digital Revolution and Maxperian, two Netherlands-based toner-cartridge resellers were judged to have infringed upon Samsung Electronics’ EP ’537 and EP ’744 patents, features of Samsung’s MLT-D1042 and CLT-x5082 toner cartridges. The court also ruled that the resellers had violated Registered European Community Designs, RCD ‘687 and RCD ’551 design patents for the cartridges. The matter is still open for appeal.

The court ruled in favor of Samsung, confirming the two defendants’ patent infringement, and ordering them to stop selling the non-genuine cartridges, not only in the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe for the designs. The defendants have also been suspended from creating comparative advertisements that refer to Samsung’s genuine toner-cartridge goods. They are also required to post official announcements on their official Web sites regarding the patent infringement. as well as pay damages to Samsung Electronics, and compensate Samsung’s legal expenses.

“Samsung will take immediate possible legal steps against any company who sells illegal, generic toner cartridges that are compatible with our products,” commented Kiho Kim, president of Samsung Printing Solutions (now called S-Printing Solution). “It is our responsibility to a secure smooth workflow and an efficient printing environment for our customers. We aim to prevent any inconveniences that could hinder them.”

Samsung Electronics stated that non-genuine toner cartridges can not only produce low-quality prints, but may also cause various printer problems, such as excessive noise and hardware failure. Customers can verify genuine Samsung toner authenticity by checking labels on cartridge boxes. Labels should change colors when viewed from different angles, and should feature distinguishable, embossed characters.

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