Samsung Provides More Key Info on HP’s Acquisition of its Printing Solutions Group

Samsung Electronics provided more key details about the pending acquisition of its Printing Solutions Group by HP Inc., including information on Samsung printer/MFP warranties, purchasing consumables, its MPS programs, and the fate of its Smart UX Center Android-based control panel.

Samsung has already begun taking various steps to complete the acqusition by HP Inc. for $1.05 billion, by spinning off its Printing Solutions Group into S-Printing Solution Company. The companies expect the deal to be completed in the second half of 2017, pending both companies obtaining regulatory permissions.

Samsung explains that the acquisition by HP Inc. will consist of HP Inc.’s acquisition of S-Printing Solution Company, and all of its printing assets, as well as its staff, patents, and research facilities.

In the meantime, before Samsung and HP complete the deal, business will be “as usual,” with both companies “effectively operating as competitors for the remainder of this year and until the second half of 2017.”

All of Samsung’s existing products will continue to be sold under the Samsung brand name until the second half of 2019. Samsung will continue to sell supplies and SVC parts for a further five years following the closure of the deal. After that point, however, all printing products and services created will be sold under the HP Inc. brand, as part of HP Inc.’s operations.

Organizational Changes

Samsung says that it and HP Inc. will continue to operate as two separate and competing companies until the deal closes. Starting from the second half of 2017, however, Samsung and HP Inc. will effectively become two brands within a single corporation – HP Inc. Customer service, meanwhile, will be continued for all printing products previously sold under the Samsung brand name, even after the acquisition has been formalized.

Customers can still buy Samsung printers and other printing products online via the Web page, as well as in retail shops. Products will be available for two years after the deal is finalized. Toner will also be available from Samsung online outlets for five years after the deal is finalized.

Samsung says that “looking further ahead, discussions on this matter are currently ongoing as we look for a solution that will put our customers’ convenience first.”

Product Costs and Warranties

Samsung says it currently has no plans to change product costs, but states that customers should bear in mind that all pricing is decided based on market conditions and sales policy, so is therefore subject to change.

All discounts and programs previously agreed upon between Samsung and its customers will be honored by HP Inc., and these will remain in effect through to all previously agreed-upon end dates. This includes product warranties, service parts supply deals, and arrangements regarding consumables.

Samsung Smart UX Center

Samsung says it believes its Smart UX Center Android-based tablet control panel (the printing industry’s first ever Android-based system) is “a highly innovative industry asset, and HP also recognizes this,” indicating that HP Inc. will likely continue providing Smart UX Center.

Samsung also says that “the aim is to continuously develop and improve the Smart UX Center. It will either be continued or further evolved into an enhanced UX – bringing customers yet more convenience and customization options.”

The firm says it will continue to develop new apps for the Smart UX Center.

Samsung Cloud Print and Samsung Mobile-Printing Apps

Samsung says it will continue to maintain and enhance its Printing App Center and its selection of apps and widgets, as well as continue to provide mobile- and cloud printing-related services. These apps may be updated and modified to suit customer and market needs, but existing mobile/cloud printing services will be further developed.

Customers will still be able to download apps from the Printing App Center, which will continue to operate as usual. Samsung says it’s also planning to launch its App Center 2.0 in 2017, and another round of developer recruitment is also planned. It says “Customers can look forward to improved services and offerings from the Printing App Center.”

Samsung Managed Print Services

Samsung says its plans to expand its managed print services (MPS) program, and continue its MPS programs as it’s originally planned.

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