Fujitsu Adds Web-Based Document Scanning, More, to Upgraded PaperStream Application


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On December 6th, Fujitsu announced updates to its document-processing solution, PaperStream Server, which it says will enable organizations to more efficiently capture data at any time and from anywhere, and integrate the content into their business workflows.

The firm says that the new Web-based scanning application, OCR (optical character recognition), and mobile document-capture capabilities expand PaperStream Server’s functionality, helping organizations of all sizes collect, enhance, process, index, and route data and documents into Line of Business (LOB) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

As more employees use mobile devices, the firms says that the enhanced functionality to its PaperStream Server platform includes features designed for the critical need to capture data anytime and anywhere, with access to secure and accurate information, including:

  • Web-Based Scanning: Provides users with a Web-based scanning app that captures images from any TWAIN or PaperStream IP scanner and run at full-rated speeds.
  • Point and Shoot (“rubber band”) OCR: Enables users to manually select text from a scanned image to populate a metadata value.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express and SQL Azure Support: Supports SQL Server Express, a version of Microsoft’s SQL Server that is free to download, distribute, and use, and SQL Azure, a cloud-based service from Microsoft offering data-storage capabilities, in addition to the standard and enterprise versions of SQL Server.
  • Upload App: Upload any electronic file into PaperStream Server via a Web browser, from anywhere, on any device.

“To keep pace with constantly shifting workplace trends, it’s critical for organizations to deploy a scalable document management system to meet the future needs of the business,” commented Jeff DeCarlo, senior vice president of marketing and corporate strategy for Fujitsu Computer Products of America. “As employees need anytime, anywhere access to capture, view and process business data, it’s imperative that they have the tools to meet these business demands. The new features incorporated into the PaperStream Server platform give businesses even more intelligent, efficient document processing capabilities to adapt to company needs and stay ahead of the competition.”

More on PaperStream Server

PaperStream Server is a Web-based, enterprise-class document-processing solution that enables organizations to collect, enhance, process, index, and route business-critical content into Line of Business (LOB) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

With PaperStream Server, Fujitsu says that organizations of any size can implement a document-processing solution that can grow, change and adapt to a company’s specific needs. PaperStream Server can be integrated with existing document-capture or ECM applications, with no complicated mapping required to connect to an organization’s back-end system.

With PaperStream Server, organizations can import or ingest both scanned images and digital documents from multiple sources and process those documents accurately, then send them into business workflows.

In addition to batch processing, the software can “pull in” existing digital documents from watched folders, emails, CSV / XML files, or other client applications, such as PaperStream Capture Pro.

Built-in Web indexing enables processing of documents anywhere, anytime without incurring additional costs. Unlike other document processing solutions, Fujitsu says that PaperStream Server was designed for organizations of any size, able to meet highly specific needs and integrate with existing ECM applications.

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