HP Redesigns MPS to Protect Networked Copier/MFPs, Printers Now Pre-Configured for Security


HP Inc. reports today that it’s redesigned its HP Managed Print Services (MPS) to help protect its printers and copier/MFPs in corporate environments against cyberattacks with “the world’s most secure printing, based on an HP review of 2016 published security features of competitive in-class printers.

New HP Secure MPS capabilities include advanced security professional services; software solutions; and expanded delivery capabilities for customers’ multi-vendor print fleets. HP also announced the pre-configuring of HP print devices for security. For more information, visit HP here.

“Networked printers can no longer be overlooked in the wake of weakening firewalls to the growing sophistication and volume of cyberattacks,” commented Ed Wingate vice president and general manage of JetAdvantage Solutions at HP Inc. “That’s why HP has established a new benchmark in managed print services, infusing security best practices into everything that we do to enable our customers to stay on top of growing endpoint security challenges.”

Security Services to Reduce Burden on IT

HP says it’s added new groundbreaking implementation and professional services to HP Secure MPS so that companies can outsource and improve their security profile while saving valuable IT resources. New services and capabilities include:

  • Print Security Implementation Service— HP will provide its own specialized security support technicians to implement corporate printer-security plans.
  • Print Security Advisory Retainer Service— HP’s credentialed security advisors will provide ongoing security expertise, risk profile updates and support to evaluate security plans on a regular basis and provide ad hoc support for compliance audits.
  • Print Security Governance & Compliance— HP will help meet compliance via new remote management of security settings, as well as monitor the print fleet for potential issues and supply proof of compliance reporting on fleet security status.
  • Increased Training—HP says it’s invested to raise the level of security expertise with MPS employees and HP technical teams with industry security certifications such as CompTIA.
  • Enhanced Reporting & Reviews—HP is embedding security into MPS tracking and reporting processes for greater visibility into the print-fleet status and to review security best practice recommendations.
  • New Remote Management Tools & Services— HP’s new tools within HP MPS software automate security actions such as firmware updates and password management, so that companies can outsource tedious IT security actions as part of the MPS contract.

Printers Now Pre-Configured for Security

HP says it’s “raising the bar for business printing” by announcing that the company has started to ship printers with less-secure interfaces closed, requiring customers to open the ports and protocols if they are needed when deploying new printers on their network.

The firm also states that it’s has started the process of closing older, less-maintained interfaces including ports, protocols, and cipher suites as identified by NIST as less-secure, including FTP and Telnet. With HP’s November FurtureSmart firmware update, it says it’s improved administrator password and encryption settings for both new and existing HP Enterprise printers and MFPs.

Finally, HP says it’s actively working with software developers to modify their applications to use newer, stronger interfaces in order to close additional interfaces in the near future. It also states that HP JetAdvantage workflow and printing solutions have been developed to streamline business processes and tasks for enterprise customers, which it says will lead to a reduced IT workload and costs, improved employee productivity, and secure printing.

The latest security enhancements include:

  • HP Access Control—HP Access Control provides user authentication, user authorization, and secure pull-printing capabilities, now with improved functionality and support for SNMPv3, a new card reader compatible with HIP2 that expands card type compatibility, and the ability for users to login and logout with a simple swipe of a proximity card or smart card.
  • HP Capture and Route—HP Capture and Route is said to make it easy to control and track scanned content and distribute documents with the touch of a button. New features include support for LDAP over SSL, data at rest encryption for scanned data stored on the Capture and Route server, and MyMessages, allowing for immediate printing of user messages and faxes while standing at the MFP.

For more information on HP’s security for printers and MFPs, visit HP here.

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