Combination Desktop Lamp and Desktop Document Scanner Launches on Kickstarter


An interesting new product has just launched on the Kickstarter crowd-funding Web site that’s a combination of a desktop lamp and a document scanner. Called DigitEYE, the product features a compact, eco-friendly desktop lamp combined with a camera-based document scanner for document scanning, storage, and management.

Ilya Evdokimov, the inventor and lead developer of the desktop lamp/document scanner, states that DigitEYE, which takes up just 3″ of desk space, acts as a desk lamp and also automatically monitors the desk surface and detect any documents placed underneath it for scanning. A document can be scanned with one click and in under one second.

DigitEYE uses the latest ABBYY FineReader Engine optical character recognition (OCR) software to extract text-based content and use it intelligently for document identification, naming, and saving, and for search-and-retrieval. Documents can be processed in over 190 languages, and it includes automatic language detection. Imaging tools provide background noise cleanup, auto-rotation detection, skew correction, and adaptive binarization.

DigitEYE is developed by WiseTREND, which specializes in advanced OCR, data-capture, and document-processing solutions. WiseTREND has exclusively provided ABBYY technology integration services since early 2007, specifically the ABBYY Recognition Server full-page OCR platform and ABBYY FlexiCapture data-capture automation platform.

Since DigitEYE watches a desk in real-time, the surface of a desk and objects on it can be projected to a conference=room screen, shown in an online meeting, or shared with colleagues anywhere in the world:


The product comes pre-programmed with several popular Capture Profiles, which consist of a combination of steps and settings used at most home and office desks. Software provides easy capabilities to create additional Capture Profiles that can automate multiple settings and actions into a single button press.


Included DigitEYE software for processing scanned documents.

DigitEYE is available for Kickstarter crowdfunding support here. The first release of DigitEYE was completed in November 2016, and developers are seeking help to finish refining the product and to reach full manufacturing goals. The initial shipment consists of 150 units, but the first manufacturing goal is 5,000 units, which is said to be achievable one month after the funding is received.  MSRP will be $499.99.

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