Epson Raids Two Ink-Cartridge Counterfeiters in India


Seiko Epson reports that, along with police, it’s conducted a series of raids in Mumbai and Chennai in order to combat the sale of counterfeit, fake-branded Epson ink cartridges. Mumbai is  the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and was previously known as Bombay, while Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Epson states that local police joined Epson in order to demonstrate the government’s “no tolerance” position towards the sale and manufacturing of counterfeit inks.

Epson’s “vigilance team” urged Mumbai police to raid one dealer’s premises in the Kalbadevi area. Police seized 1,773 counterfeit ink bottles, 4,110 empty bottles with Epson trademarks, 10,342 barcode stickers, 30,200 ink-bottle wrappers and stickers with Epson branding, and 215 liters of ink. According to, this is one of the biggest raids conducted so far in terms of quantity of seized counterfeits.

Chennai Police also conducted raids in T. Nagar and Saidapet, and also seized a large quantity of counterfeit Epson products. Nearly 500 ink bottles marked “Epson” were seized along with other printing materials and machines used for making counterfeit Epson ink bottles. Police also seized 2,729 Epson Ink Bottle labels from the dealers.

A spokesperson at Seiko Epson commented: “We view the infringement of our patents very seriously and counterfeiting would be the most important of these. We will continue to fight against those that inappropriately use Epson’s patented technology. We would like to extend special accolades for Mumbai and Chennai police force in successfully conducting these counterfeit raids and limiting the damages to a bare minimum. Maintaining high standards of corporate ethics while encouraging everyone to respect the rights is the paramount objective at Epson.”

Seiko Epson Corporation also stated that it will continue to back the enforcement authorities for such raids in future in order to further safeguard its interests and to defend the business of its authorized dealers.

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