Xerox Expands Solutions for Helping Customers Move from Paper to Digital, More


Xerox today expanded its portfolio of Communication and Marketing Solutions, and enhanced its Document Transaction Processing Services. Both services are designed to help large enterprises better manage front- and back-end business processes, reduce costs, and move from paper-based to digital transactions.

Better Communication with Customers

Xerox Communication and Marketing Solutions are said to help enterprises share information with their customers during each phase of the customer life cycle – acquire, onboard, serve, and grow. The goal is to create better customer interactions, increase brand recognition and gather important data to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

The expanded portfolio of services now includes:

“Our portfolio helps enterprises more effectively communicate with customers across a variety of channels and automate key business processes,” commented Mike Feldman, president of Xerox Large Enterprise Operations. “For example, a global pharmaceutical company using Collateral Management Services reduced the number of marketing vendors from 60 to one, saving more than 25 percent on marketing campaigns.”

According to the Xerox Digitization at Work study, more than half of the respondents admit their organization’s processes are still largely or entirely paper-based, and about one-third are still communicating with customers via paper, rather than email or social channels.

Moving from Paper-Based to Digital Business Transactions

Enhancements to Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services will help large enterprise customers digitize, capture, process and analyze data to make more informed business decisions. These services include:

  • Inbound customer communication
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Health-records management
  • Digitizing legacy files

According to Xerox, from inbound customer communication and accounts payable and receivables to automatically storing unstructured data such as health records and converting back-office files into digital documents, organizations can now automate paper-based processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve workflows.

“We’ve seen firsthand how this service drives operational efficiency and accelerates information workflows,” Feldman said. “A global utility company partnered with Xerox to digitize their accounts payable invoices which decreased invoice processing costs by 50 percent and reduced handling time from more than two weeks to one day.”

Communication and Marketing Solutions from Xerox and Xerox Document Transaction Processing Services are available immediately worldwide.

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