Epson, Bent on Inkjet Domination, Opens New Factory


Epson’s new factory in Akita, Japan.

Akita Epson Corporation, which is part of Seiko Epson of Tokyo, Japan, reports that it’s completed building a new factory for producing inkjet print heads. Epson says it invested approximately 3.4 billion yen constructing the plant, which will triple Akita Epson’s current inkjet print-head production capacity. Construction began in October 2015 and the new plant went online earlier this month.

The print heads produced at the new Akita Epson factory will be the core devices used in Epson’s high-capacity ink-tank printers and business-inkjet printers.

Epson launched its high-capacity ink-tank printers in October 2010, and says it’s sold as many as 15 million units worldwide as of June 2016. It says its office-market segment is seeing increased demand for high-speed business inkjet printers that feature “outstanding image quality at a lower cost per print and lower energy consumption than laser printers.”

“Akita Epson is an important domestic production site with advanced technological capability and a close working relationship with Epson’s corporate R&D function,” said Takashi Mitsui, president of Akita Epson. “We make a significant contribution to the manufacturing capability of the entire Epson Group, sharing with Epson’s overseas manufacturing plants the technical expertise we have gained from manufacturing core devices. By using Epson’s original production equipment and automating and rationalizing production lines, the new plant will further raise our production capability.”

The new factory is located in Japan’s Akita Prefecture, and is dedicated to manufacturing print heads for inkjet printers, including Epson PrecisionCore inkjet print heads. The factory consists of a three-floor steel-framed building, and employs some 30 people.

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