Panasonic to Provide Scan-Optic Cloud-Based Document-Capture Services


Panasonic System Communications Company of North America reports that it’s collaborating with partner Scan-Optics to provide cloud-based managed capture services (MCS), which enable users to convert paper documents into digital information.

The solution, which is a combination of Panasonic document-scanner hardware and forwarding software from Scan-Optics, enables the capture, classification, storage, and retrieval of documents using Web browsers, document scanners, copier/MFPs, and mobile devices.

“Organizations want to access their vital data quickly and easily, which is not possible if documents are scattered about in file cabinets, servers and emails. We’ve made that simple with easy.forward™ software,” commented Scan-Optics CEO Warren Fisher. “We are extremely pleased to be working with Panasonic to bring this offering to market. With the performance and quality of their scanners, and the ease of use and high accuracy of our managed capture services, customers have everything they need to convert their file cabinets, emails or documents sitting idle on a server someplace.”

For more information, visit Scan-Optics here.


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