New Panasonic PremierOCR for Advanced Processing of Scanned Documents


Panasonic System Communications Company of North America today introduced PremierOCR Solution Powered By Panasonic Scanners, a PDF OCR, compression, and conversion solution for high-volume scanning environments.

Incorporating image processing, OCR (optical character recognition), file compression, and batch multi-threading and encryption in a single step, Panasonic says PremierOCR Solution make files smaller, faster, easier to process, and fully searchable for unparalleled access speed.

PremierOCR provides:

  • Compressed, easily accessible and full searchable PDF file generation.
  • e-mailing, transmitting, downloading and uploading of compressed documents.
  • PDF streaming Web-optimization for instant file viewing.
  • Information quality un-degraded even after extreme file compression.
  • Text recognition for 118 languages, including Arabic.
  • Storage and transmission requirements reduced by 10x-100x.
  • Full PDF/A compliance.

“PremierOCR is a leap forward in processing, storing and working with large volumes of PDF files,” commented Joseph Odore, product manager for Document & Imaging Products at Panasonic System Communications Company. “It not only integrates with existing workflows, it improves them by producing significantly more manageable documents. PremierOCR Solution generates the most efficient PDF files available allowing organizations to spend less time managing their digital files and more time on value-producing tasks.”

Panasonic says that intelligent pre-processing combined with the highest OCR accuracy rates in the industry makes PremierOCR Solution “dramatically faster” than other leading OCR products and enables it to process scanned image documents, electronic PDFs, or complex hybrids of both in near real-time. PremierOCR Solution also utilizes its super-accurate OCR capability to render precise editable and searchable files from multi-directional, color, low-contrast text, barcodes and other data types.

“Advanced image processing techniques such as auto-rotation, despeckling, foreground/background separation, and resampling drive our OCR engine to monochrome and more full color recognition than other leading OCR engines in real document, real-world tests,” Odore said. “More accurate OCR translates into more reliable text-searches, more accurate data extraction, more automated document-centric processes, and ultimately more efficient employees.”

Using the latest in image-compression technology, PremierOCR Solution shrinks typical black and white scans by a factor of 5x-10x (compared to TIFF G4) and color scans up to 100x (compared to JPEG) without any reduction in image quality. Extracted files look exactly the same as the originals and can be viewed with Adobe Reader or any other compatible PDF reader.

By creating compact, Web-friendly PDF files, PremierOCR Solution allows documents to be e-mailed, accessed, shared, and stored more efficiently. File compression leads directly to faster download and upload speeds for documents, allowing for swifter transmission over cloud and mobile platforms.

Other features include near real-time 10 pages/core/second processing of multi-page documents, export of OCR’d text to .docx and epub formats, reduction in the number of servers large organizations need to dedicate to document processing and reduction in the need for inefficient and frequently inaccurate manual data keying.

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