Ricoh Introduces New Quick-Drying AR Inks for Wide-Format Printers


Ricoh USA is introducing new aqueous resin (AR) latex inks that are designed to cut print-cure times, helping wide-format print shops take on more jobs and increase profits. After September, Ricoh’s wide format customers will be transitioned to AR inks, which Ricoh says “will cost much less” than their predecessors and feature a 24-month shelf life, which is much longer than previous latex-ink options.

Ricoh says AR inks enable print providers to produce wide-format print jobs on a broad range of substrates and that print jobs can be used immediately. Whether printing on cloth, bond paper, back-lit material, or a variety of other media, Ricoh says its AR inks cure quickly, reducing wait time for even the most complex jobs.

The firm also says that its new inks’ low price will also help print providers improve their profit margins, or pass savings onto customers.

John Fulena, vice president of Ricoh USA’s Production Printing Business Group, commented: “Signage shops – and cut sheet shops adding wide format (printing) operations – are always looking for ways to better serve their customers, from new, creative applications to faster turn times to keep up with today’s fast-paced signage needs. Our team of graphic-arts specialists know that for today’s signage to succeed, it needs to be ready to go, as fast as possible without jeopardizing quality. These new aqueous resin inks deliver the quick cure times that speeds demand, while still producing outstanding, eye-catching output. That it does all of this at a drastically lower price point than its predecessor is a huge advantage for these shops, who can use that difference to reinvest in new capabilities, adjust prices to compete or simply drive higher profits.”

For more information about Ricoh’s demonstrations at the SGIA trade show, visit Ricoh here.

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