Canon and Toshiba to Enter Drone-Services Market

Prodrone robot-arm large-format drone.

Prodrone robot-arm large-format drone.

The Bangkok Post reports that Toshiba and Canon stated on September 5th that they will start separate drone-based services for corporate clients. Toshiba will partner with auto-parts manufacturer Alpine Electronics Inc. to commercialize a system designed to inspect remote infrastructure such as power cables and steel towers. Toshiba is expected to complete the project by March 2018. The service will combine Alpine Electronics’ satellite-navigation knowledge and Toshiba’s digital-image processing and artificial-intelligence technologies.

For its part, Canon Inc. announced an investment in PRODRONE Co., LTD., an Aichi prefecture-based firm that manufactures drones for industrial use. Canon and Prodrone are said to be planning to sell drones equipped with Canon’s cameras for farming, infrastructure inspection, and surveillance purposes. Canon acquired Axis Communications, a maker of video-survelliance equipment, last year.

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