OKI Data Americas Rolling Out New Solutions for Mobile Printing, Printer, MFP Cost Control, and Scan-and-Capture

OKI Mt. Laurel HQ

OKI Data Americas reports that several third-party embedded solutions are now available for its MC873 and MB562 MFPs that feature the enhanced OKI smart Extendable Platform (sXP2), expanding the MFPs functionality with these industry-leading software applications.

OKI’s expanded suite of solutions now includes:

  • Presto 2, which is an enterprise mobile-printing solution that solves the common challenges of printing in large-scale deployments of Apple iPads and ChromeBooks, particularly in the education and healthcare environments. Presto 2 allows IT staff to manage more than one mobile-print technology, such as iOS, Android, and Google Cloud Print, at the same time with a single solution. It also preserves an organization’s investment in current printers and MFPs that may not support iOS, Android, or Google Cloud Print. Presto 2 is most commonly deployed in conjunction with cost-cutting solutions such as PaperCut MF, making it suitable for organizations looking to better manage their office printers and MFPs.
  • PaperCut MF now supports OKI’s sXP2-enabled devices, including the OKI MC873 color tabloid MFP and the MB562 monochrome desktop All-in-One. Papercut MF allows organizations to save money on unauthorized use by creating a secure and efficient printing environment. This is achieved  in part by eliminating unwanted print jobs by forcing users to authenticate themselves at the printer or MFP’s control panel and then authorizing that the print job be actually printed. The software also enables organizations such as law firms, universities, and service-oriented businesses to account for and charge-back to clients the costs of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.
  • Drivve | Image is also supported on the new OKI sXP2 platform. Drivve | Image provides document scan-capture software that enables users to integrate scan workflows into an organization’s information infrastructure. The software helps businesses create automated workflows that ensure the accuracy and consistency of scans, the security of documents, and the efficiency of routine business-process workflows.

These software solutions are available today through authorized OKI dealers and designated sales channels. For information on other solutions available for OKI printers and MFPs, visit OKI Data Americas here.

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