Konica Minolta Establishes its First Dedicated Production-Printer Sales Company in South Korea


Seoul, South Korea

Konica Minolta of Tokyo, Japan, reports that it’s establishing its first dedicated production-printer sales company in Seoul, South Korea, called Konica Minolta Pro Print Solutions Korea Ltd. (BPKR). The new company began operating on August 1st.

As part of its global strategy to promote its production-printer business, Konica Minolta says it “places importance on Korea, the second largest market in Asia, after China.”  It also states that “against the backdrop of a drastic increase in sales of color MFPs in the Korean PP market, demand is growing for higher printing performance and higher levels of service to ensure stable production of high-resolution and high-quality images.”

While Konica Minolta did offer office equipment to Korean customers through local distributors, it decided was critical to strengthen its sales and service operations by shifting to direct sales, especially in the production-printer market in which it sells digital printing and other printing systems.

The new company in South Korea will sell production printers, and their parts and consumables sales, as well as provide service and support. It’s designed to strengthen Konica Minolta’s operations in Korea, especially in Seoul, and will launch launch products and services tailored to the needs of Korean customers by working in close cooperation with Kinko’s Korea Ltd., an on-demand printing company and a member of the Konica Minolta Group.

Konica Minolta Pro Print Solutions Korea Ltd., which is 100-percent owned by Konica Minolta of Tokyo, is located at Location #401, 804 Eonjuro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea, and Konica Minolta has invested 100 million South Korean won into the company. Currently, the company has 36 employees.

In South Korea, Konica Minolta also notes that, working with Sindoh Company of Seoul,  it’s “maintained its leading position in the Korean market for A3 MFPs for office use.” It says it intends to achieve the top market position also in the Korean production-printer market by combining the strength of its new production-printer company in Seoul with that of Sindoh Company, whic,h it says “has strong connections with Korean family-owned business conglomerates, thereby establishing its presence in the business technologies business in Korea.” Taeheung Info Systems Company will continue to serve as a distributor of Konica Minolta’s MFPs for office use.

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