ZVerse’s LAYR Content-Creation Platform for 3D Printing Now Available for Konica Minolta Dealers


ZVerse’s 3D-printed recreation of Presbyterian College.

At Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.’s annual dealer show, ZVerse, creator of 3D-printing design solutions, announced that Konica Minolta dealers will now be able to sell ZVerse’s LAYR, a cloud-based content-creation platform for 3D printing. LAYR is said to bridge the gap between an idea and a 3D-printed product, and includes a suite of applications for those interested in offering 3D printing as a service and/or for users, and is used in healthcare, architecture, manufacturing, education, and industry.

According to ZVerse, LAYR was created as the most user-friendly way to create 3D printable content. It’s billed as a “one-stop-shop” for quotes, payments, and job management. With LAYR, 3D-printing jobs can be started with as little as a single photo or PDF, which can then be turned into 3D-printer file in a few days. LAYR includes content-creation modules for 2D-to-3D automation and workflow management.

“The latest release of LAYR makes it easier than ever for organizations to go from idea to 3D-printed object, thanks to our patent pending technology,” commented ZVerse CTO Shams Syed. Along with LAYR, ZVerse provides consultation and “a full-scale” 3D-print service bureau for those who may not have 3D printers on site.

LAYR features include:

  • Industry-specific modules for 3D-content automation.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Advanced roles and user management.
  • Access to ZVerse Customer Acquisition tools.

John Carrington, ZVerse CEO, commented: “In 3D printing, turning an idea to an object is hard. Solving the content-creation problem for 3D printing will spark adoption across key verticals from healthcare to manufacturing, education, and beyond. LAYR modules position the platform as the only user-friendly entry point for organizations in healthcare, architecture, manufacturing, and education looking to leverage 3D printing.”

LAYR is now available to all Konica Minolta Dealers. Under the reseller agreement, partners can sell both LAYR and ZVerse capabilities. For more information about LAYR, visit ZVerse here.

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