Samsung: The Need for Remote Printing

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The following was recently published on Samsung Printing Solutions’ blog: “In a whole range of business spheres, the pressure is now on to adapt to changing times. Companies are understanding the need to increase flexibility, reduce costs and provide improved customer service. All of this requires that companies enable their employees to print and manage documents while on the go – and this is why remote printing solutions are now a must.

What exactly is driving the need for change? Internet-based innovations are an obvious driving force, but this are not the only factor. In recent years, three major forces have started to make their presence known, further increasing the need for remote solutions. Namely, these are: the rise of the virtual workforce, an increase in third-party cloud providers and the growing demand for real-time networking solutions that involve suppliers.

As Workforces Go Mobile, So Does Printing

Thanks to the growing importance of both the internet and mobile devices, workers are now realizing that being chained to their desks makes little business sense. In addition to providing smartphones and tablets, many offices now operate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, making it easier to research, analyze and write from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Newly found office freedom has meant that the old, server-based printing network model is no longer suitable for the demands flexible offices are placing on them. People who need to use mobile devices at work need cloud printing services, as these enable them to find and connect with printers wherever they need to go.

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Fortunately, Samsung offers a wide selection of cloud printing services for various business needs. These include Samsung Cloud Print, as well as a full range offered by Samsung affiliate PrinterOn. Not being tied to traditional print networks allows workers to truly exercise their freedom – and allows your enterprise to stay flexible and ready to move with the times.

Innovations for Outsourcers

Companies are increasingly outsourcing complicated tasks associated with running business applications, storage solutions and data networks to third-party cloud companies. By reducing their computing infrastructure needs, businesses can save money on overheads and other costs, and instead focus more on doing what they do best.

But while this can ease the burden on internal IT departments, it also means that offices have less support when it comes to setting up their printing networks. With fewer IT experts available at each company, employees need print solutions that combine reliability and convenience.

Samsung’s remote printing solutions fit the bill on this front too. With print solutions that are easy to install and set up on a wide range of devices, Samsung helps remove the need for complicated services and wired networks. This allows offices to do more, and cut down on the risk of creating IT support bottlenecks.

Real-Time Solutions for Suppliers

When working with suppliers and contractors, it is important that all parties can share and access information as quickly as possible. Delays can slow down the immediacy of time-sensitive processes, so keeping everything up-to-date in real-time means both suppliers and customers can stay on top of the game.

Samsung’s remote document management solutions are designed to work quickly. This allows contractors to find the information they need right away, while also maintaining the high security levels now needed to conduct secure business.

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You can scan barcodes and other information-tracking labels using a smartphone or another mobile device. Document management software can then extract data and route as needed. Apps like Dynamic Workflow help users manage complicated and repetitive work data, allowing suppliers to stay up-to-speed with the latest information and developments.

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