Ricoh India Chairman and Director Takano Resigns in Wake of Accounting Scandal


The Economic Times reports that a week after admitting its accounts appear to have been falsified,, Ricoh India said Ricoh India Chairman and Director Tetsuya Takano has resigned from the company.

In Takano’s place, Ricoh India has appointed Ian Peter Winham as its director and chairman with immediate effect.

“Mr Tetsuya Takano has resigned as director/chairman of the company with effect from July 25, 2016. The board of directors of the company has accepted his resignation with immediate effect,” Ricoh India stated.

Last week, parent-company Ricoh Company of Tokyo, Japan, reported that Ricoh India now estimates an un-audited loss of 11.2 billion Indian rupees (17.1 billion yen or approximately $160 thousand U.S.) for its fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2016

Ricoh Company stated that it’s also filed a petition with the India National Company Law Tribunal in order to recapitalize the loss. Once the petition is approved, Ricoh Company, or its subsidiary company NRG Group Limited (or a combination of Ricoh Company, Ltd and NRG Group Limited), will have their existing shareholding cancelled and will effect a capital increase in Ricoh India by purchasing the same number of shares at a price agreed upon with the National Company Law Tribunal. “The recapitalisation does not place any liability on minority shareholders, nor changes the current shareholding of the two entities in Ricoh India,” the company stated.

Ricoh Company and NRG Group will contribute some 398 million India rupees to Ricoh India’s recapitalization.

Ricoh India’s troubles began last spring when it failed to file its financial results for two fiscal quarters with the Bombay Stock Exchange. Ricoh India said on March 29th that Manoj Kumar (former managing director and CEO), Arvind Singhal (chief financial officer), and Anil Saini (senior vice president and chief operating officer), were placed on mandatory leave with pay by Ricoh India’s board. Manoj Kumar subsequently resigned from the board and left the position of managing director. Shares of Ricoh India were suspended from trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Ricoh India then appointed external auditors, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to conduct an investigation. On May 12th, The Times of India reported that: “Ricoh India, a subsidiary of Japanese imaging and electronics company (Ricoh), has detected massive financial irregularities and fraud in the company, prompting it to lodge a police complaint after a forensic investigation revealed ‘wrongdoing.’”

Currently, according to the Economic Times of India, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) “has expanded its probe into alleged misdoings” at Ricoh India “with fresh disclosures that its accounts appear to be ‘falsified.’” According to the Economic Times, sources says financial accounts going back “at least six years” are being investigated, with some quarters during the period showing sharp surges of up to doubling of recorded profits.

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