Japan’s Kao Acquires Collins Inkjet

collins inkjet

Kao Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, reports that it’s concluded an agreement to acquire Collins Inkjet Corporation of Cincinnati via a Kao Group company in the United States for an undisclosed sum.

Kao states that it’s been developing water-based pigment dispersions (pigment-dispersing liquids) and ink for industrial inkjet printing. It has product lines in two sectors, consumer products, and chemical products for industrial needs. In its worldwide chemical business, Kao develops and provides diversified products such as fat and oil derivatives produced from natural fats and oils, surfactants, toners, toner binders, and fragrances.

According to the firm, by further applying “pigment nano dispersion technology” developed by Kao, in March 2016, Kao says it succeeded in developing the “world’s first water-based pigment inkjet ink” for printing on film materials used in flexible packaging. With a design that is free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the firm says the newly developed ink enables printing of high-quality, eco-friendly-printed materials.

Collins Inkjet, which was founded in 1990, develops, manufactures, and sells ink and related equipment for commercial inkjet printers. The company was an early entrant into the rapidly growing ink market for inkjet industrial printing.

By taking advantage of the newly acquired technologies, manufacturing systems, and sales networks obtained from Collins Inkjet, as well as its own technologies, Kao says it will be able to provide global customers with “its innovative products and services that can contribute to the mitigation of environmental impact.”

Kao expects to complete the acquisition this month.

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