HP Acquiring David Company’s 3D-Scanning Solutions

HP Sprout 3D PC and Fusion 3D Printer

HP Sprout 3D PC and Jet Fusion 3D Printer

HP Inc. reported on June 30th that it’s acquiring the 3D-imaging hardware and software assets of David Vision Systems GmbH and David 3D Solutions, both based in Germany, for undisclosed sums.

HP says that David is an “outstanding technology leader in 3D scanning” and an “essential enabler” for HP’s Sprout 3D, an all-in-one PC and 3D-scanning solution. HP says the acquisition will enable it to continue to evolve Sprout 3D and advance its market opportunities in both immersive computing and the $7 billion 3D-scanning market.

According to HP Louis Kim, global head and general manager for HP’s Immersive Computing group, “Adding the David companies’ technology and capability strengthens our ability to create the world’s only end-to-end 3D ecosystem, from creation, to 3D on-ramp, to 3D print off-ramp via HP’s Jet Fusion (3D printer) solution. The acquisition adds a robust, stable and production-ready solution, along with a rich software development platform to HP’s portfolio of technologies.”

HP will acquire David’s scanning, stitching, and fusing solution that it says results in “radical improvements in scan quality.” David provides 3D-scanning technology and solutions with scan algorithms and automated calibration methods. According to HP, this is an essential ingredient to seamlessly blend the physical and virtual worlds, and a core value proposition of Sprout, through which HP says it will reach a broad range of industry segments, including education, healthcare, design, and research.

Among other benefits, the firm says the acquisition will help HP accelerate the availability of desktop and other “best-in-class” scanning products to a wide range of customers. Specifically, the acquisition will allow HP to grow its Sprout 3D Capture and Immersive Computing portfolio and pave the way for David’s 3D-scanning solutions to serve as an onramp component for 3D printing.

As part of the deal, HP will also acquire the David staff.

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