HP Launches Device as a Service Program, Lifecycle Services, for Printers, PCs

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On June 30th, HP Inc. announced the global launch of its Device as a Service (DaaS) program for enterprises, with HP billing the program as a complete device lifecycle-management service under which companies select devices, such as printers and PCs, and various services, all paid for via a monthly contract. A contract can include any number of devices and services, all of which are presented on a single bill. Devices can include printers and PCs, as well as PC monitors and tablet PCs, as well as services such as configuration, onsite support, software upgrades, and safe disposal. HP also provides multi-vendor support, including support for Microsoft Windows, Android,  and Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.


HP also provides a Web-based portal that enables the customer’s IT staff to track the location and status of deployed devices, while an analytics feature can be used to see when devices need service before they break down. Contracts can be drawn-up based on a per seat or per device basis.

The program has been available as a pilot program in the Asia-Pacific region, but is now available globally.

lifecycle services

HP’s Device as a Service Lifecycle Services

For customers, HP says there are several advantages. Among them are, first, large-upfront device acquisition costs are eliminated, and instead, costs can be spread out several months and years, also making for a predictable IT budget, and second, HP takes over tasks such as deployment, maintenance, and disposal. There’s also only one monthly billing statement, and HP provides a single point-of-contact via an HP Account Manager.

For more information on DaaS, visit HP here.

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