Xerox’s New Analytics Hub Said to Ease Legal-Review Workloads

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Xerox is introducing an analytics service that it says equips legal counsel with previously “unattainable access and insight” into volumes of data reviewed in preparing for cases.

The Analytics Hub, a new analytics-as-a-service platform developed by Xerox scientists and legal experts, gives attorneys “real-time visibility” into the millions of documents they review and classify for their litigation, investigation, and regulatory-compliance matters. By analyzing data from prior and current cases, the Analytics Hub identifies documents that are relevant for new cases and predicts which documents have the potential of becoming a legal liability.

Xerox says that among the main benefits of this predictive analytics capability are:

  • Managing risk – by enabling legal teams to detect inconsistently classified documents. The firm notes that legal teams often engage in costly repeated reviews of the same documents, which can lead to coding or classifying documents differently each time. By flagging inconsistent coding, the Analytics Hub is said to prevent overlooking relevant documents and exposing private or other sensitive data.
  • Automating workflows to enable legal teams to reduce manual reviews and staff projects more appropriately. The Analytics Hub narrows the number of documents legal teams must review by automatically classifying and identifying data that needs to be reviewed.

“Previously, legal teams had to rely on analytics that provided basic reporting to help filter and prepare documents that had little to no reuse,” commented Beth Fritts, managing director of Xerox Legal Business Services. “The Analytics Hub delivers predictive and prescriptive insights that help legal teams make the right business decisions to reduce risks and costs.”

The Analytics Hub is said to provide insights specific to each client’s needs by leveraging big-data analytics technology and the expertise of data scientists and legal process experts at Xerox Legal Business Services, the legal support, electronic discovery, and compliance-services division of Xerox.

The analytics consolidate data located throughout hosted eDiscovery platforms enabling legal teams to review documents. Documents can include email messages, voice-mail messages, and instant messages, as well as word-processing files and spreadsheets. The insights are derived by applying a variety of customized algorithms and techniques, including machine-learning, statistical learning, text analytics, natural-language processing, sentiment analysis, audio analytics, and anomaly detection.

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